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My mother was an amazing baker and cook.  I was baking by her side when I was 4 years old.  She taught me everything she knew about baking.  Being ahead of her time, mom actually had one of my father’s old white dress shirts that was reserved for her baking day.  Years later, as I donned my Chef’s coat, I was reminded that mom had been my first culinary instructor.

One of the most important things I learned from her is to read the recipe through first ~ maybe a couple of times.  Be sure you understand what the ingredients and directions are before you begin.  Mom always thought it was silly that most recipes came with so much text.  Often reading the recipe and the many, many steps necessary was enough to make her change her mind about trying that recipe.  She began to “translate” her homemade recipes into a series of concise, easy to follow directions.

Years later, I attended a prominent culinary school to acquire my Baking and Pastry degree.  I had, long before pastry school, and ever since, closely followed her simple approach to baking.  My experience in high-production bakeries both as Pastry Chef and Owner, have helped me to hone my own approach that is just a step clearer than mom had intended.  Many interns would attest to the fact that the simplicity in my recipe collection helped them avoid measuring and mixing mistakes and achieve superior results.

Mom passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s years ago.  She left behind 7 hand written spiral bound books of handwritten recipes.  Back then, mom baked using oleo (margarine) and imitation vanilla.  I’ve updated her recipes to use only the best of ingredients:  Sweet Butter, Belgian chocolate and Pure Vanilla extract.  These precious memories written in the form of ingredients I share with you, along with the many “professional” recipes in my collection.

Here, you’ll find the “KING” way, which is mine…but in its very essence, is my moms way. Thinking of you today and always mom!!